Engagement Styling with H. Hawkins Photography.

Last month, I had the honour of entering into a new and fun partnership.

Channel Bay is now partnering with H. Hawkins Photography to create a professional styling experience for all of her brides for their engagement sessions.

A wedding/engagement photographer par excellence with years of experience under her belt and a highly successful mompreneur with a joyful and enthusiastic personality, you simply cannot help but be in awe of Hannah, the owner and founder of H Hawkins Photography.

Going forward, all of her brides will be able to work with me as I help them curate a picture perfect outfit that fits, flatters and flaunts a confident bride-to-be in their engagement photos!

To that end, I have put together some helpful guidelines for engagement photoshoots from a stylist’s perspective.

These are guidelines I sent to each bride-to-be before our styling session.

Engagement Styling with H Hawkins Photography

engagement styling with H Hawkins photography 1

Guidelines to pick out your engagement shoot outfit:

1. Wear something that makes you feel like you and reflects your personality.
If you are a casual tee and jeans kinda girl, don’t pull out a ball gown like dress or wear uncomfortable shoes. The bride-to-be should still look like herself but at her best. If your outfit choices are extremely outside your comfort zone, it will reflect in your photos and make you look uncomfortable which is not something you want to look back on. The more confident you feel, the better your photos will turn out.
2. Choose neutral tones, pastel and cool hues.
Try to steer away from anything neon because it isn’t the most photogenic. Colours like bright orange or bright red don’t reflect well in photos. The idea is that, you and your fiancé, your faces and your love for each other is the focus of your photographs not your outfit. So choose the colours accordingly and then maybe add a pop of colour with a bright accessory instead.
engagement styling with H Hawkins photography 5
3. Complement, don’t match your fiancé. 
Wearing matching outfits or prints and patterns isn’t ideal for your photos. Look for colours that complement each other. Burgundy and beige or gold, black and yellow, yellow and grey, purple and grey, black and white etc are complementing colours. Try to stay away from busy prints as they look distracting. Once you decide your colours, think of the entire photoshoot collection in mind.
engagement styling with H Hawkins photography 1
4. Think classic and timeless rather than trendy
Now, I love trends and being a stylist I am all about it but you want to look back on your photos in years to come and not feel like you look outdated. The idea is to look effortless in your photos, like you’re not trying too hard.
5. Flatter your body type
Your outfit will look best when it fits you properly and accentuates your figure and features. We can discuss this further during our styling session.
6. Choose at least one accessory
Think hats, stylish scarves, denim jackets. cardigans, blazers, or a chunky necklace to create a wow factor. Plus they’re easy to put on and take off and it gives you a variety of looks with one outfit. For guys, wearing layers of clothing that can be taken off later creates a different look.
7. Dress according to the season
Last but not least, this is an important factor when choosing your outfit. Don’t be afraid to bring seasonal vibes in. And accessorize! Think statement necklace, dress with denim jacket that you can take off later or a cardigan and ankle boots etc.
engagement styling with H Hawkins photography 4
During the engagement styling session, I consult each client with their outfit choices, guide them through the best options for their style and shoot location and ensure they feel and look confident. Each session is catered to the individual client’s needs and style and we talk everything from outfit choices to hair & make-up to skincare in preparation for the shoot day! It is a joy to be a part of someone’s special day.
Here is what this beautiful client and bride-to-be had to say about her experience with Channel Bay engagement styling service:
“Sneha was so much fun to work with! Within a 15 minute time span she made me feel so comfortable and welcomed my ideas on what best would suit me for my engagement session. By the end, I had felt so much more confident in my outfit choices and prepared to go take pictures. It was an amazing experience!”
Would you like to see more photos or learn more about H. Hawkins Photography? You can visit her blog here. Alternatively you can find her on Instagram and Facebook.
Interested in more style tips from Channel Bay? Check out the blog or find me on Instagram and Facebook.




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