California to New York! Yes you read that right. In case you haven’t already heard, we are moving! *insert all the smiley emojis*

This is no small transition ofcourse. I mean it is California to New York after all. We are literally moving cross country, from the West Coast to the East Coast and we are ridiculously excited about this transition. Our hearts are brimming with joy, hope, expectancy and excitement for this brand new season!

If you’ve ever spoken to us even for a couple of minutes, you already know that we are city people! Our hearts and all our big dreams have always been in the city! But I’ll speak for myself and I can say I always knew I wanted to live in New York. I just didn’t know it would all happen so soon! But that’s the beauty of living in the present and trusting the process.

As a little girl, I dreamed of being in New York, mostly because that’s where all my favourite celebrities lived but as a grown up woman that dream never changed. This time however I knew New York was going to be the start of something new. New, big and wild dreams.

Years ago, I visited New York as a young girl with my family and I remember falling in love with the city.

The buzz, the hype, the busyness, the chaos, the tall buildings, the luxurious feeling and the people were all a reminder to my young self of “a larger than life” kind of feeling.

Funny story, during this trip we ate at a Chinese restaurant and I opened a fortune cookie note that read something to the extent of “Love is in this city”. Now, I don’t believe in fortune cookies by any means nor do I endorse them at all. But something about this stuck with me. I didn’t really get it then so I shrugged it off.

That is until I met my now husband in California, who just happens to be from New York. I mean, what are the chances?! *smirks* And all of my big dreams literally revolve around this city! So as we were in the decision making process, this story came to my mind and it felt like a full circle moment of sorts for me.

California -> New York 1


Channel Bay is very much a part of this move and will now be operating from New York. I am excited to see what’s in store for Channel Bay and all that lies ahead. And ofcourse I’ll keep you posted!

Channel Bay was birthed in California but will now see it’s fruition in New York.

Redding, California has truly been so good to us. It is the only home I’ve ever known in America. We both met here, got married here, built a beautiful life here. We even went through some of our highest highs and lowest lows here. This place has so much history for us and it will always have a huge part of our hearts. However, this season is now coming to an end and we are eager to embrace everything that New York has for us!

We are moving to be closer to family. It is no secret that these last few months have been hard for us with losing a very dear family member. This really catapulted us into making this decision and it was a no brainer. I mean we always knew we would eventually move to NY, we just didn’t see it coming this fast!

Nevertheless here we are. In just three short weeks, we will be jam packing our car with everything we possibly can for a fun four day road trip! Yup that’s right. *cue all the road trippin’ playlists* Road tripping across America during the Fall/Autumn with my husband has been a dream of mine so there’s that. We are literally selling almost everything and starting afresh in NY!

As someone who has traveled and moved all around the world, (this move being my 10th move) I know very well that transitions bring with it a kaleidoscope of emotions. This time while I am a little sad to leave this place, I am just excited overall because I know this will be amazing!

Family and dreams, it just doesn’t get better than that, for us.

So thank you California, thank you for your beautiful sunshine and warmth, for bringing me the love of my life, for being my first home in America and for a lifetime worth of memories to cherish.

New York, I am so looking forward to everything you’ve got for us! Looking forward to family, closeness, togetherness and seeing all of our dreams come true in the city that never sleeps!


California -> New York 2

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