Since Summer is officially upon us, let’s talk about some summer must haves you simply wouldn’t want to go without for your summer wardrobe.

But first, can we talk about the crazy trends this summer? Like seriously someone needs to fire the person who decided that some of these trends were okay to wear in public?

Some of this year’s summer trends remind me of the famous quote by the late Karl Lagerfield: “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” This is not to say I don’t like being trendy but I just simply am not a fan of certain trends. The way I look at style is, you’ve got to find something fashionable and make it your own instead of trying to blend in and look like everyone else.

I like to express my individuality and personality through my style so I like to find out what’s fashionable and see if it works for me and then make it my own.

I have compiled a list of my personal favourite looks for this Summer and items I simply cannot do without!

Here is a look at my top 10 Summer favourites. Trust me, you definitely want these as a part of your summer wardrobe too! *takes sunglasses off halfway and winks*

         1. The many SHADES of summer

Sunglasses are like my summer uniform, I simply cannot live without a great pair or two or more. A great pair of sunglasses can do wonders for your style and is a must have summer accessory in my opinion. The key to finding the right pair of sunglasses is choosing one that fits the shape of your face. Then experiment with various colours, shapes and sizes and find at least one or two that match your style and personality and show it off!

summer must have 1 summer shades


2. A Cute White Top

I think it goes without saying that white tops are a classic summer look making it a summer must have item and investing in one that can be worn throughout the year is always a great idea.

summer must have 2 white top


3. I’ve got them Polka Dot blues, oh them polka dot blues

I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have the blues when it comes to polka dots. In fact, they are one of my favourite looks and you better believe I have found one that I can wear many different ways all year around. There are so many different types and colours to choose from but black and white polka dots always win for me!

summer must have 3 polka dot


4. Hats off to you

Okay so despite my cheesy titles, you gotta admit nothing says statement piece quite like a beautiful hat! I love me a floppy summer hat and although I wear it all year around, these make a special and regular appearance every summer. Don’t be afraid to rock a fun summer hat, you can find anything from a simple straw bucket hat to a bold floppy hat and anything in between so find one that works for you and then never look back! This burgundy floppy hat is my favourite summer hat find.

summer must have 4 floppy hats


5. Parisian hats

You can’t talk about hats without mentioning Parisian hats! However a common myth about Parisian hats is that they are seasonal items. People think they can only be worn when the weather gets chilly. The truth is that while wearing a hat when it gets cold is a welcome addition to your winter outfit, it is equally important to wear something to protect yourself from the sun. Parisian hats do both stylishly, and it is a classy and sophisticated accessory and a must have for the summer.

summer must have 5 parisian hats


6. All things Floral

One of my favourite items to wear as soon as the summer sunshine shows up are floral tops and blazers. The key is to find prints that work for you. Big and heavy floral prints can make you look bigger and stumpier. Now that is NOT a look you are going for. If you are unsure stick to simple florals until you find some that look flattering and complement your own style. For me personally, I like to combine florals without overdoing it. Too many florals just takes away from the elegant and feminine look. If you are going to combine florals, I’d say stick with combining one or two at the most. Here I combined a floral blouse with a floral blazer and the result is a very fun and picturesque outfit ensemble.

floral prints


7. Bright summer hues

I am a sucker for bright colours but I think by now you must already know that. I love a good pop of colour especially if the rest of my outfit is a simple monochrome look. A bright pair of heels or an ostentatious pair of earrings instantaneously adds character to a simple outfit. I have created multiple ways of doing this but one of my favourite looks this summer is wearing these bright yellow heels with this black jumpsuit along with the yellow crossbody bag.

bright summer hues


8. Summer tassel earrings

Another fun trend that I am all about are the tassel earrings that are the talk of the town this summer. I am obsessed with these ostentatious teal tassels and I have already worn them with multiple outfits. If you plan to rock huge earrings like these tassel ones, be sure to keep the accessories to a minimum. The iconic advice, “less is more” is always a good rule to adhere to when it comes to accessorizing. It is especially true if you are a styling novice.

tassel earrings


9. Summer Gingham  

Now, while summer floral dresses are cute, the summer gingham dress is all the craze and I can totally see why. They are so fun and can be worn as a day dress or a formal summer professional wear. I personally love to rock my gingham dress with these suede block heeled boots. You can also find cute gingham tops to rock this summer that give the same feels. Look stylish this summer with gingham.



10. Summer evening/cocktail dress

Last but not least, you can’t miss out on the classy summer evening attire. If you live in higher temperatures like that of California, then you most likely want to ditch the long ball gowns for a short summer cocktail dress like this one. Pair it with some fun heels, an elegant clutch and a side swept hairstyle. Girl you’ve got yourself a fabulous summer evening look. This dress for me was a love at first sight. I love pairing it with these burgundy heels to add some colour, the black and gold clutch to keep it classy and a side swept hairstyle to add some sophistication.

summer evening dress


And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed these looks and have found some inspiration for your own summer wardrobe.

I would love to see your inspired looks so go ahead and post it on your instagram page and tag it #channelbayofficial so I can see how you’ve paired your looks.


Happy styling friends!

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