Hustle. It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot and it’s also a word I’ve grown to dislike as of late. Hustling implies we need to make hasty decisions and moves constantly or we will miss out on the next big opportunity or be overlooked. It demands that we always be in a hurry to get somewhere before someone else does. It says we need to be excellent at networking even if it means we end up using people with influence over actually connecting with them. It says we need to post about everything but make sure you don’t do it often. And then we wonder why we are exhausted, overworked and are left feeling disconnected from our loved ones and dissatisfied and unhappy.

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Don’t get me wrong, I believe we should all work hard, especially in a generation that is so quick to get out of any responsibility. My parents instilled hardwork in me as a value from a very young age and I’m married to the most resilient and hardworking man I know. However we were called to live in peace, not in stress; we were called to stay in our own lanes not compare our journey to anyone else’s. Yet somehow it is a norm to define our success in comparison to someone else’s. We get a kick out of knowing we’re doing better than so and so. But is that fulfilling you in the long term? Is that really what success is?

We’re then so concerned about our perceived image that we let fear dictate our every move, leaving us indecisive and with a low self esteem. You‘re afraid to post that gorgeous selfie because you’ll be seen as vain but you are terrified to post that makeup-less selfie just in case someone figures out you’re not actually flawless. You’re afraid to post about your success and victories because you don’t want to be seen as an egoist bragger but you’ve got to let people know you’re hustling hard. Because if it isn’t on Instagram, is it official at all? Yet how many times do we post for the sake of posting? (myself included) It’s like our brains get programmed to get on here, scroll, like, share, repeat day in and day out without actually thinking about what we’re posting and why we’re doing it.

Can I let you in on something to put you at ease? There are actually NO rules or boxes to fit in to. Go ahead and post that selfie, both the pretty doll faced one and the makeup less one because you might end up encouraging someone that day. Post that spouse appreciation post and let the world know that you are absolutely blessed with an amazing husband/wife because maybe that is exactly the kind of encouragement that a single person needs to hear. Tell the world that you are smitten with your adorable baby(ies) and share the funny, cute videos and photos because maybe that will brighten up someone’s day and/or maybe encourage a new or to be parent. Share with the world about your accomplishments and unexpected blessings because maybe that’s exactly the kind of success story someone who is just starting out is looking for. You are allowed to be happy and proud of the life you have created for yourself and your family. You have permission to have big dreams and share your wildest dreams with the world because you just never know who needed to hear that. Lean in and pay attention to why you’re posting something and then share with intention and without fear. Because you see it’s not about what you post, it’s about why you do it. It’s not about how many followers you have or the likes you get but it’s about that one person who needs to hear your story. That one person whose life maybe impacted because of your post and your story.

My friend, your story is SO unique and there is no one quite like you. Before you disqualify yourself because someone with more followers already posted that thing you were about to or someone with a successful business already did it, they are not you and that is your strength, your power. We are all in different seasons and I guarantee you that even if someone else appears to be in a similar season, their circumstances couldn’t be more different than yours. When you remind yourself of that, it is so much easier to look up, ask God what He’s speaking over you right now, focus on doing just that and be content wherever you are at in your season. Let’s hustle less and go after peace more as a priority starting this week, shall we?

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